Electronics require extra care during a move – they can’t just be thrown in a box! Your TVs, computers, and other electronics are expensive, so it makes sense to take a little extra time to pack them securely. Your Hunterdon County movers and Somerset County movers at Simonik Moving & Storage are experts at moving computers and fragile equipment. We’ve put together a list of tips that you should know when packing for your move! In order to safely pack electronics, you should always:

Read the Manual
We know, we know, reading the manual isn’t anyone’s idea of fun! But your equipment’s manual may provide more detailed instructions. If you can’t find it, there should be a copy on the manufacturer’s website.

Use the Right Boxes
Using the original box is best, but if you can’t find it, you can purchase special boxes designed for electronics from your moving company or at a discounted rate from the manufacturer.

Use the Right Materials!
Use antistatic materials so your electronics don’t get zapped! Make sure to pad any extra space in the box to prevent shifting.

Remove Toners, Ink Cartridges, etc.
Wrap these items separately to make sure there are no accidents or ink spills during transit.

Be Conscious of Temperature
Extreme heat can damage software. Use a company with climate- controlled trucks or carry it with you if heat is an issue.

Label It!
Label and color-code your ports and cables so you can put them back together with zero stress and hassle.

At Simonik Moving & Storage, we make shipping electronics effortless! Our movers offer a variety of solutions for everything from computers to sensitive medical equipment. Call today to let us know how we can simplify your move!