At first glance, moving seems pretty easy, right? Come to my house, wrap up all my items, load them on the truck and get on the road. Simple. Yet, there are so many other levels that go into a move. One of the most important of them being the protection of your house that you are moving from and moving into. Many companies will skip out on this part when discussing the move during the estimate portion.

World Class Moving Systems' Relocation Consultants will sit down with you and discuss in detail exactly how we plan to protect not only your precious items, but your house as well. Again, this is something that can not be overlooked. As seen in the pictures below, here are a few of the things that World Class Moving will do as part of our services:
Floor protection is vital when moving. One scratch on your hardwood floors or one dirt mark on your carpets can cause problems with the closing. As seen here, World Class Moving will use rubber runners on the hardwood floors and cardboard for the entryway. This way the movers will be walking across the protection with the furniture, instead of your floors.
Moving blankets are also a helpful tool when protection the home. Pictured here you can seen them protection the banisters of this house. Some of the most difficult furniture to move comes from the bedroom sets, especially in the master bedroom. Large dressers, armories and king beds need special handling, and having extra protection when going down stairwells will help the movers make sure the items are taken out properly. Taking the extra time and effort will go a long way with your move, and that is what World Class Moving Systems will do for you.