Did you retire recently, and you want to relocate? Are you considering downsizing to a smaller apartment so you can be closer to family? No matter your reason for making a long-distance move, this kind of transition is life-changing, especially for seniors. You are leaving a home filled with many memories and also letting go of many belongings.

To make your transition effortless, you need a local New Jersey long-distance moving company with years of experience in delivering customized senior moving services. At Simonik Moving & Storage, we understand it’s hard to find movers who can meet your needs and exact specifications. So here are few helpful tips to help you with your search:

Choose a Moving Company That Shares Your Communication Preferences

Many activities happen during a move, such as changing appointment dates or a moving truck breaking down. You need to work with movers who can constantly keep in touch with you while using your preferred means of communication. Professional movers communicate with clients through phone, video call, email, or text. If you are not used to technology-based forms of communication, and you’ll rather stick with phone calls only, ensure you inform your movers.

Give Yourself Ample Time for Downsizing

It is hard to let go of a lifetime’s worth of your precious belongings, especially in few weeks. Choosing the right movers can give you enough time to downsize and also help with the process. Most moving companies will pair you with a helpful move coordinator who will supervise your move and keep it on schedule. After choosing the items you will like to keep, some moving companies offer donation services, so you can give the remaining items to a local charity of your choice.

Use Full-Service Packing & Unpacking Options

It’s hard to pack and move an entire household. It is best to use the professional packing and unpacking services of your moving company to eliminate the stress. These experts know how to securely pack your boxes, furniture, and sensitive items to ensure they are safe in transition. You should also consider this service if you are helping an unavailable relative with their long-distance move.

Work with a Mover That Can Relocate Medical Equipment

Transporting medical equipment requires skilled and talented movers who can effortlessly relocate your valuable items without a scratch. When meeting with a moving company, ask them if they have adequate resources to move medical equipment. Your item deserves to be properly protected during transit. Ask your movers about their packing and shipping process and if there is additional valuation coverage for these expensive items.

Get Help Coordinating Transportation of Persons & Pets

The moving company you choose should be ready to work with you to keep your pets and family calm. Pets are highly sensitive, and moving them can be a daunting task. Arrange comfortable transportation for everyone, including your pets. While on the road, keep your pets close to you and make them comfortable with their best food and toys.

Learn More About the Long-Distance Movers at Simonik Moving & Storage

Your long-distance move does not have to be stressful and expensive. When you work with our New Jersey long-distance movers, you can expect us to deliver comprehensive senior moving services that include:

  • Free On-Site Consultations

  • Full-Service Packing

  • Custom-Crating Services

  • Packing and Pad-Wrapping of Furniture

  • Vehicle Shipping

  • Piano Shipping

  • Short and Long-Term Storage

  • Item Donation

As an agent of Allied Van Lines, our movers are well-trained and equipped with cutting-edge moving resources. No matter how far you might be relocating, we can guarantee a smooth relocation. Call now to learn more about our moving services or fill out our online form to request a free moving quote.