About 80% of moves take place from April through September with June, July, and August being the peak months for relocations. Depending on where in the country you’re moving from and to, that can mean packing and hauling in stiflingly hot weather—and that’s not fun for anyone. 

Changing your moving day to take place during a cooler time of year may not be an option, so we’ve put together a few tips to help your survive your summer move.

Start Early in the Day

Arrange for your movers to arrive as early in the morning as possible. This will give you at least a few hours to work before the day heats up.

Dress for the Occasion

Wear light colored, loose fitting, breathable fabrics.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

The last thing you want is to have to nurse a sunburn while you’re unpacking. Apply quality sunscreen in the morning and reapply throughout the day.

Keep Lots of Water On Hand

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

Place Cold Towels by the Door

A tray of cool towels by the door will be much appreciated by your household movers as they are a fast and effective way to cool off.

Make Sure Utilities are Turned On

Schedule utility shut off at your current home for the day after you move out and have them turned at your new place the day before you arrive. This ensures you won’t be without AC while moving in or out. If possible, have someone turn on the AC at your new home several hours before you arrive.

Take Advantage of Technology

Another way to keep cool during your summer local or long distance moving project is to take advantage of some of the latest technology. Want to stay on even the hottest of days? Invest in one or more of these products:

  • Air Conditioned Jacket: These jackets are equipped with battery packs and fans to keep you cool. You may look ridiculous wearing a bulky jacket in August, but you’ll be cool as a cucumber underneath!

  • Cooling Vests: Lined with freezable cooling packs, these vests might make you forget that the mercury is nearing the triple digits! Keep extra packs in the freezer so you can swap them out if necessary.

  • Cooling Towel: Activate the towel by wetting it and wringing out the excess water. As the water evaporates, it causes the towel to stay cool. Hang it around your neck for some sweet, cooling relief. 

Another way to stay cool during a summer move is to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals! Simonik Moving & Storage has provided top-rated moving services since 1977, and our family-owned business is committed to delivering a superior customer experience. Planning a summer move? Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form now to request a free, in-home consultation.