If you’re planning a local, long-distance, or international relocation, there are a number of things you can do to make your project a lot easier and even more affordable. The first and most important way to experience an easier move is to plan the project in advance. The second is to get help—preferably from an experienced, reputable moving company in your area. 

At Simonik Moving & Storage, Inc., we are proud to be one of the leading moving companies on the East Coast—with roots going back to our beginnings as a full-service transportation company in 1977. An agent of Allied Van Lines, we offer exceptional moving solutions for our customers making moves around the world, and are always ready to help others make their transition to a new home a success.

Once you’ve set a plan and hired your moving company, it’s time to look into other ways to make your relocation a breeze. In this helpful article from our expert local and long-distance movers at Simonik, we’ll reveal important information about our third most valuable tip for making your move an easy one—which is lightening your load before moving.

Get Rid of the Excess Stuff

If you’re like most people in America, you’ve got a lot of stuff in your home—and most of it consists of things you no longer use, need, or want. If this sounds like you, rest assured that you’re not alone. Whether you have a garage full of useless junk, a car graveyard on your front lawn, rooms filled with clothing of all sizes, books you’ll never read, or other items—getting rid of them will not only help you experience an easier move, it’ll also help make your transition into your new home a lot nicer. There’s something therapeutic about getting rid of what no longer serves you, and moving is the perfect time to get it done.

What Are the Benefits of a Lighter Load?

The more you have to move, the more costly, time-consuming, and stressful your moving experience will be. After all, most moving companies charge by the hour, the pound, or by the truckload. The more you have, the more the load will weigh, the longer it will take to move, and the more time you’ll spend packing and unpacking your belongings.

Also, as we mentioned before, taking things you don’t need with you to your new home is pointless and will only clutter your new space. Instead, focus on streamlining your home and belongings by weeding out whatever you don’t need and making space for a tidier, neater, and more organized future home.

What to Do with Your Unwanted Belongings

Sort your belongings according to what you’re keeping, what you’re donating, things you’re selling, and trash. It’s best to get started early with this project—preferably weeks or even months before moving day. Starting early will give you time to sell your belongings online or to hold a garage sale—both of which can help you to raise extra money for your move. Donate whatever is left over to a charitable cause or organization like Goodwill, and throw away junk in the trash.

Ask Your Movers to Help

If you’ve found a reliable moving company to assist you with your relocation, don’t hesitate to ask them what they can do to help you pack. Many moving companies offer customized services tailored to fit your needs, including full-service packing and unpacking options, planning, and logistics. Your moving coordinator can help you determine how to plan and execute the packing process. He or she can even help you sort through your belongings, clean up debris and remove junk from your property, and offer other specialized moving solutions to make your move a lot easier before, during, and after moving day.

Quality Moving Solutions from Simonik Moving & Storage, Inc. 

As one of the leading moving companies in New Jersey and on the East Coast, our team at Simonik is proud to serve our customers with advanced moving solutions, high-quality customer service, and affordable rates. Since 1977, we’ve grown as a company in both size and services—with an expanding menu of exceptional moving and storage options for individuals, households, commercial properties, the military, and more. 

If you’re planning a move and would like more helpful tips to make your relocation a lot easier, our long-distance movers at Simonik can help. For more information about us or the moving services we provide, or to request a free, in-home pricing estimate and moving consultation with one of our dedicated moving coordinators, give us a call or fill out our online form.