Between the phone calls and the checklists, the sorting and the packing, the disassembling of furniture and the heavy lifting, and everything else that goes on in a move, moving isn’t known for being the easiest or the most enjoyable experience in the world. As excited as we may be to move into a new home, getting there takes work. 

Of course, the approach you choose in regard to your moving project will affect the success of the outcome. If you’re moving soon and looking for more efficient ways to get through the process, take a look at these great tips from your expert movers and packers at Simonik Moving & Storage that will help you to experience an easier, more enjoyable move.

Getting Organized for Your Move

  • Sort Through Your Belongings: The best way to experience a seamless packing project is by weeding out undesirables from your inventory list of belongings. Take it from us—moving is the best time to separate yourself from the things that no longer serve you. Getting rid of what you no longer want or use will make your move faster, cheaper, and easier. You’ll also maximize space in your new home, which is always a positive thing.

  • Sell, Donate, or Throw Away What You Don’t Want: Whether you decide to sell items online or in a garage sale, to donate everything you don’t want to charity, or to throw useless junk and garbage to the curb—make the decision and get it done. The faster you can part with these items, the sooner you can start packing up your home.

  • Consider Storage: Consider storage options for items you aren’t sure about or for those that you plan to sell. This will buy you time to make up your mind, or to sell your item without having it cluttering your home during the packing process or taking up space in your new home.

  • Prepare for a Clean Start: One of the best things you can do to prepare for a clean move is to move clean. In other words, take the time now to wash and clean your belongings—your musty clothing, greasy pots and pans, dusty books, and everything else you own. That way, you won’t be bringing in dirty items and bad smells into your brand-new home.

  • Contact Moving Companies: Be realistic about what you can and cannot do during your move. A reputable moving company can help you make the process of moving a whole lot easier—with customized moving options depending on what your needs are. Contact moving companies in your area and schedule free estimates with them in your home. If you decide on one, they will help you plan the rest of your project with the right tools, materials, and services you can depend on for a swift, efficient relocation.

  • Create a Schedule: The best way to kick off the packing part of your move is to set goals and deadlines. Break up your packing project into sections according to rooms, allocating a day for each space. Stick to the calendar and you’ll accomplish everything you need to before moving day arrives. Keeping a good pace and getting it done little by little over time is the key to preventing a rushed and high-stress relocation.

Stock Up on Packing Materials

Packing supplies are a must. For the most efficient moving experience, make sure you’ve gathered the right amount of materials that you need for your move. Section off a part of your home to store all of your boxes and other packing materials, including packing tape, markers, scissors, labels, and containers. You’ll need a lot of containers of all kinds, including the following: 

  • Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes: You’ll need strong and sturdy boxes of all sizes—large, small, and in-between. You can also use shoeboxes for smaller items, along with any plastic bins and containers you can find or that you already own.

  • Suitcases, Backpacks, and Duffels: Don’t pack air! Instead, use all of the space you can in a move. Fill your empty suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags, satchels, purses, and any other luggage you own to pack whatever will fit neatly inside of them. These are usually ideal for packing clothing, shoes, and accessories, among many other household items. 

  • Bags of all Kinds: Plastic bags, garbage bags, laundry bags (and baskets), and any other kind of bags are extremely useful for moving. Use large garbage bags to move hanging clothing straight from the closet and into the new one without ever taking them off the hanger. You can use small Ziploc bags for jewelry and other small accessories, or for small screws or furniture parts, cords, chargers, and cables, or other things that might get lost easily during the move.

Ready to Get Packing?

Simonik Moving & Storage is proud to be an award-winning member of the New Jersey Movers & Warehousemen Association, and a longtime agent of Atlas Van Lines. Our moves and packers are dedicated to providing our customers with the best moving services in the state, with personalized moving plans filled with state-of-the-art solutions for easy, affordable relocation to anywhere in the world. 

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